Here I have chosen to redesign an ad for the Vancouver Tenants Union (VTU). This exercise was a part of a course in graphic design taught by Terry Van Roon at Langara College. I chose to base the ad around classic IWW posters from the first decades of the 1900s. Additionally, I wanted to integrate the VTUs assertion that housing is a human right, into the ad without outright saying

Entrada Magazine Cover

The cover for a fictional architecture and interior design magazine. Yet another project from Langara’s Publishing program. This one had us organizing a photo shoot with a member of the photography program. Our goal was to create a cover that was both cozy, and uncomfortably timeless. An image that could comfortably fit into the liminal zone between familiar and strange. For the most part, I feel we were successful. The

Book Cover

Alternate Book Cover for Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road” This was assigned by the Graphic Design instructor in Langara’s Publishing program. The goal was to design a book cover for a book of our choice. Jack Kerouac’s books have, in my opinion been, poorly treated by cover artists. His books are uniquely energetic, and I have never felt that their cover art has reflected that energy. This cover aims to

Nemo’s Cantina

A Menu designed for the fictional seafood restaurant “Nemo’s Cantina” This project had Publishing students randomly assigned photographs of various foods, with which we were asked to create a imaginary restaurant’s menu. Originally I drew photos from a steakhouse. Looking at some of the other photo sets, I became captivated by the raw fish set and eventually was able to trade my steakhouse photos for them. Nemo’s Cantina was conceived