Ending End User Responsibility: Why Plastics Need to be Cut Off at the Source

Rejoice ye sinners, ye half washers, ye bad sorters! And know that from the most fastidious, to the lackadaisical, what happens to your recycling is beyond your control. Since Al Gore spurred the world into half-hearted action with “An Inconvenient Truth”, our societies have taken up a new moral crusade against the serial polluter. A full-scale assault, armed with a new environmental ethics has singled out the litterers, long shower


Here I have chosen to redesign an ad for the Vancouver Tenants Union (VTU). This exercise was a part of a course in graphic design taught by Terry Van Roon at Langara College. I chose to base the ad around classic IWW posters from the first decades of the 1900s. Additionally, I wanted to integrate the VTUs assertion that housing is a human right, into the ad without outright saying